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Electronic C3

Electronic C3

The St. Christopher and Nevis Social Security Board has created a file format allowing you, our customers, to send your Statements of Wages and Contributions in a digital format called the Electronic C3. The Electronic C3 (EC3) file format desciption file is made avaialable here in an Adobe Acrobat file or PDF for you to prepare your statement(s) and file it with us. After you have created your first file please ensure to send it to our Records Department for verification before they are sent on a regular basis our e-mail address is Files are to be submitted through the use of CD/DVD, USB drives or our new web portal which can be reached here. In order to send an Electronic C3 file an application form needs to be completed, please visit our portal and apply online. For security reasosns all registrations require a visit to our Compliance offices.

Download Electronic C3 Descriptor File
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