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Dear Employer,

The Social Security Board wishes to update you on matters regarding the Housing and Social Development Levy as follows:

The changes emanating from the recent Budget session in the National Assembly (and which are effective from 1st January 2011) relate only to the percentages that apply to tiers two, three and four as follows:

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08 Jul / 2013

Youth Symposium

The Social Security Board is teaming up with the Department of Youth to stage an important one-day Symposium involving the youth of the Federation in which particular focus is being directed at students of the Federation’s High Schools. Several themes will be addressed in relation to the subject of Social Security.

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The Social Security Board announces the following increases in Benefits effective from 1st July 2005, to be paid from September 2005.

1. Pension Increases: An increase of 3% on all pensions.

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Nine years have passed since the Social Security Board introduced Self-employed coverage to persons employed in the informal sector on July 1,1996.To date there are 1531 registered Self-Employed Contributors and efforts are being made to increase this number significantly.

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The St. Christopher and Nevis Social Security Board wishes to advise all employers and employees of the implementation of a new tier in the structure of Housing and Social Development Levy, effective January 2006. This change is in accordance with the provisions of the 2006 Budget Address presented by the Minister of Finance.

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