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C3 wizard
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The Social Security Board C3 Wizard v2.0 is a full-fledged application designed to overcome the short-comings or weaknesses of its predecessor. This version is database driven and written using the Visual Basic .NET architecture. It is a more robust application and addressing all the weaknesses of the previous version. Here are the salient improvements that were made in this new version

  • Since the SSB C3 Wizard v2.0 is an independent stand-alone application it does not require the presence of Microsoft Office or any other application. All components necessary are installed during the short and relatively simple installation.


  • The application comes with a help manual which the user can reference that would. take them from the start of installation to the printing of the C3 Statement and generation of the Electronic C3 file.


  • The monthly generation and production of the C3 statement is an extremely simple and expeditious process or to use a more colloquial term “a breeze”.


  • It incorporates the use of the Crystal Reports Engine for reporting and this allows for flexibility in maneuvering through the report and interacting with the installed printers.


  • The application is fully capable of handling multiple employers .


  • It incorporates the calculations for employees who are under 16 or over 62 and it also performs the calculations for persons who attain age 16 or 62 within the contribution month.


  • It records all C3 Statements generated so they are easily retrievable.


  • It supports the exportation of the Electronic C3 file format.
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