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100% Verification Check Returns for Short Term Claims

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100% Verification Check Returns for Short Term Claims

100% Verification Check Returns for Short Term Claims

In today’s episode, we would like to focus on a very important measure that has been deemed necessary to curb irregular practices in relation to short term claims.

In a recent press release we announced that as of 1st August 2011, there will be a 100% verification check in regards to certain particulars of short term claims.

Accordingly, the Social Security Office is reverting to obtaining employer verification for each claim for Sickness….. Employment Injury….. and Maternity benefits submitted to Social Security. Social Security will require all documented employers (full time and part time) of a claimant to ascertain and verify the truthfulness of the following particulars on behalf of their employees:

  • Last date worked
  • Actual absence from work and
  • Date of expected return

Such employers will need to enter this information in a specific section of all claim forms.

The release also continued by stating that the procedure up to the 31st July, 2011 allowed for only a small sample of such claims to be sent by Social Security to employers for verification and that this had become seriously challenged by a recent trend in questionable practices by some claimants. The release indicated that this new measure had therefore been deemed necessary in order to prevent abuse and to curb any tendencies towards irregular practices.

The Social Security office is aware that the exhaustive verification process could impact the processing time of claims, since it will be necessary to obtain the relevant feedback from employers before each claim is finalized for payment. The release therefore indicated that the Social Security office would like to apologize for any delays that may arise as a result of this very important measure.

The release also provided a useful suggestion to expedite the process and to assist in maintaining a short turn-around time, indicating that each claimant will be expected to refer the relevant section of the form to his/her employer for completion of the information mentioned earlier, and to return that section themselves to Social Security.

All concerned were asked to be guided accordingly.

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